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Today the final item from the recent splurge of spending on Bob Shaw’s works arrived. An OK to good copy of Serious Science. This is a collection of talks given by Bob Shaw at Cons between 1982 to 1984.



I would have to double check to make sure but I believe I now have all the chap books showcasing Bob’s work or speeches.

The contents are:

Beyond Cosmos, a speech given to Channelcon; Eastercon 1982 held in Brighton.

Conning Your Way, from Albacon II, Eastercon 1983, held in Glasgow

Ten Years, But Not Decayed, from – and I’m sensing a pattern here – Seacon 84, Eastercon and Eurocon 1984 held in Brighton.

postheadericon A Special Number

I went on a little Bob Shaw splurge recently, buying paperbacks, CDs and a chap book. The latter is yet to arrive but the paperbacks I bought have arrived. Coincidentally they bring my collection of Bob Shaw books to 60.

The paperbacks are the UK Granada editions of Orbitsville and Orbitsville Departure. Orbitsville Judgement appears to be very rare and very expensive for the UK paperback. It wasn’t published by Granada but by Orbit. Maybe one day I’ll pick up a cheap copy.



I still have to get some things; a paperback of Night Walk for a start. I only have that in hardback. I’m pretty sure there is a hard back version of Galactic Tours, and I’m pretty sure that is also expensive. On top of those two there are a couple of chap books and the various stories not in anthologies but in magazines.

Still plenty of life in the chase yet.

postheadericon 8 Short Stories On CD

So, something else bought from Ebay arrived. A double CD containing eight science fictions stories, read by Colin Baker, Dennis Waterman, Peter Barkworth, Martin Jarvis, Anton Rogers, Rula Lenska, Martin Kemp and Jon Pertwee.

Eight Short Sci-Fi Stories; ‘8 complete stories of alien encounters on 2 CDs.’ Published and released by Prism Leisure Corp PLC in 2004.

Of the eight stories five are by Bob Shaw; a pretty impressive amount.

On CD One the first of Shaw’s stories is Telemart Three read by Rula Lenska is from the short story collection Tomorrow Lies in Ambush, originally published in the March 1970 issue of Worlds of If. Dennis Waterman reads In The Hereafter Hilton, originally published in Omni magazine, September 1980 and collected in A Better Mantrap, the first Bob Shaw book I bought.

CD Two kicks off with Light of Other Days, the Slow Glass story which is perhaps Shaw’s most famous piece. The story was first published in 1966, in the August issue of Analog Science Fiction. It has been widely reprinted in many anthologies and of course is part of the novel Light of Other Days, Other Eyes from 1972. It is read here by Anton Rogers.

Dream Fighter is read by Martin Kemp and the story saw first publication in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, in February 1977. It was reprinted in A Better Mantrap.

The last story on CD two is The Silent Partners (although the CD misses out ‘the’) and this comes from Nebula way back in 1959. It is also part of the Cosmic Kaleidoscope short story collection released in 1976. This story is read by Martin Jarvis.

The CD was released in 2004 but I’m guessing it includes earlier recordings, seeing as Jon Pertwee reads the story A Glitch in Time by Paul Finch, and Pertwee died in 1996. The other stories fleshing out this anthology are Arrival, by John Charters, read by Colin Baker, plus Nightmare, also by John Charters and read by Peter Barkworth.

At the time of writing I haven’t listened to any of the stories.



postheadericon Something of Interest

Ok, so I haven’t posted here for ages. This is due to a variety of reasons. I have been continuing to buy Bob Shaw books but they have mainly been paperback editions, cheap copies that appear on Ebay or Amazon.

So, with the site moving to a new  host which involved me having to get my hands dirty due to a database error, I thought I would look hard at continuing to post here.

However, there was nothing really to post about. Until last week, when I saw an uncorrected proof of The Wooden Spaceships appear on Ebay. It was a reasonable price so I bought it. Today it arrived, and a mighty fine piece it is too.

Perhaps for review, perhaps just advanced reading for some lucky fan. This paperback arrived with a compliments slip from Gollancz and with a dust jacket. The dust jacket gives an approximate price but the book and compliment slip give a confirmed price.

And all this from back in the Net Price days.

The dust jacket



The compliment slip



And the book itself


Excellent value for under £15, seeing as I have paid, if memory serves me right, a maximum of around £50 for Bob’s hardback books, albeit signed.

postheadericon By Eck! A Post!

It’s been quiet here because I’ve done very little to add to my Bob Shaw collection. But that has changed recently.



Vector 91, Jan-Feb 1979 arrived today. It is a special Bob Shaw issue. I’ve had a quick flick through it and there is much to be consumed later on. A nice surprise was that this issue arrived with The Vector Supplement and a BSFA Award ballot form – although I think it might be a bit late to submit it.

The supplement has a books review section which includes Vertigo by Bob Shaw.

I might look up some of the nominations: Tom Reamy, Blind Voices in the novel section. David Langford, “Sex Pirates of The Blood Asteroid” in the story section.

Also arrived is a paperback edition of Killer Planet, though it is EX-Lib, which wasn’t stated by the seller.