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postheadericon Bob Shaw on t’Internet

Did a Google search for Bob Shaw today, as I do now and then to see if anything new about him is on the Internet, and came across this nice little piece from his native Northern Ireland. It’s relatively new, December 2009.

Odd that the names that come up when I start typing in Bob Shaw include the Pipe maker Bob Sheppard. He was my maths teacher at high school – the other one was his brother George. They were both involved in the school pipe band – who were world champions I think – and the little less local Dysart and Dundonald Pipe Band, who I’m sure were world champions.

postheadericon Mantrap Caught

One of the more elusive Bob Shaw hardbacks has turned up at a reasonable price. It was a bit more than I hoped to have paid but I let a copy of 1 Million Tomorrows slip by because I thought it was too excessive; obviously someone else didn’t. A Better Mantrap was the first Bob Shaw book I bought and still remains a favourite.

Very few copies of the Gollancz hardback edition of A Better Mantrap are appearing online for sale, those that do are quite excessive in price (in my humble wallet’s opinion). There are a couple of Ex-Library editions being punted out for £50, pretty good copies are three figures.

But one appeared that is less than the expensive ones being advertised – the same books which I note have been available since I started searching for books to complete my Bob Shaw hardback collection and which no one has bought at their excessive pricing level – and I snapped it up. Ordered from America and taking a leisurely twenty one days to cross the Atlantic this edition isn’t the most I have paid for a Bob Shaw hardback but it’s getting there.