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Tiny update in that I’ve changed the email address for notification. It was set to an email address I check only once or twice a week (if I remember). It has now been changed to one that I check on a daily basis. So, any comments made by people will not now sit for a few days in the pending tray but should be looked at and processed much more quickly.

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  • Hmmm, I never get email notifications to any posts I make on any blogs (except The Skinner,which I sometimes get if someone replies)
    BTW you never mention what you’re reading at the moment? Or did I miss that?

  • admin:

    I think WordPress and Blogger notify in different ways. Blogger doesn’t notify you (or I haven’t got the filter turned on somewhere) hence the spam appearing on the blogger blog which I have to delete with your help, whereas WordPress has a spam plugin that filters out the spam from genuine comments.

    The Blogger blog you’re subscribed to has a few posts on what I’m reading. Recently there’s been mention of No Mean City, Doc Savage novels and the one I’m currently working my way through the short story collection Son Of Retro Pulp Tales. I’ve read about four of the stories. At the weekend I bought a biography of William Wallace, mainly out of curiosity. There’s supposed to be little known about Wallace and I’d like to see how the author filled out a whole book based on bugger all. I’m a couple of chapters into that.

  • William Wallace,as in Braveheart? (Good film)
    Some say Avatar is Bravehart on another world.

  • admin:

    ‘William Wallace,as in Braveheart? (Good film)’ Aye, as in They may take our biscuits but they’ll never take our tea-dium – never got round to watching the film actually.

    Avatar’s been accused of ripping off everything! So maybe that proves it ripped off nothing?

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