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This on the Internet. A great personal piece on Bob Shaw by John Berry. Don’t know if it has been available online for a long time or not but I hope it stays online.

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  • Oh that is just brilliant! I love this bit:
    “Was that a cry of frustration?’ and you will be able to reply, ‘No, that was a fry of crustacean’.”
    Its funny but I was reading that article in my head with an Irish accent!
    I think I’d loved to have met Bosh, he sounds a real character, just like Asimov, an eternal joker and general good egg!

  • admin:

    I liked the Typewriter one; I should have seen it coming but didn’t. I would have liked to have met Bob too. He loved puns and it is prevalent in his speeches.

  • Yea the baked bean powered typewriter-“oh go on then, 3 pounds and its yours@ handing 3 crisp pound notes over. Brilliant!

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