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I have an alert on Google Reader for Bob Shaw which threw up a nice little surprise today. I knew he was involved in a television programme in the early eighties but couldn’t find it online no matter how many searches via searches in Google and YouTube I did.

Today it has appeared. The programme is Celebration, from Granada TV. It features Bob Shaw, Byran Talbot and the second part is a short film. The programme is in two parts – including original adverts.


The programme is quite interesting, although Bob doesn’t delve too dip into any subject – as can be expected for a 30 minute programme. The story is ‘green’ in its philosophy, quite a nice little piece but it isn’t television. It’s a weird mixture of prose, TV and comics.

Links are below but bear in mind that this is YouTube and all links on the web are never permanent.


Encounter With a Madman part one


Encounter With a Madman part two

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  • LB:

    Thank you so much for providing this. What a delight to see Bob Shaw in this interview! Especially as he has with him what I believe is his rocket-shaped Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer of 1978 – which I now have in my possession, having bought it a few years ago from Bob’s son. Also, in the background of Bob’s interview is what looks like one of his stained glass pictures. I have another of these, which he called a “Suncatcher”, a round stained glass picture of a girl’s face which Bob made in 1980. A talented man in many ways.

  • admin:

    No problem LB, although most thanks should go to Bryan Talbot who uploaded it and who is featured in the program. A few other blogs have picked up on this too and, like you, mentioned the Hugo Award. Nice info on the glass. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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