August 2017
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Daily Archives: August 5, 2017

Saturday Afternoon

And then there was rain. So I got the bus and went out to nearby towns and villages and on the way back it was peltin down. We’re talking really hard rain here. Of course, it being Scotland there was the sun in the sky looking down and gloating.

I visited Waterstones and the shop seemed to be having a clear out; there were discounted books scattered all over the place, selves, front window, on tables. Normally sales and reduced books at Waterstones are hidden away.

I spent £11 on the discounted books. I got a signed limited edition of Osiris Ritual by George Mann for a fiver. A Shrink wrapped hardback in a case, number 436 of 500. There was also a card and a poster inside, and there’s bonus stuff at the end. I have read his work before, having bought a novel set in an alternative New York some years ago. It was ok, nothing spectacular, but at least I finished it, which is a lot to be said as I have not finished several books in the last few years. I also got a few novels at a pound each and The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English.

As was mentioned the skies opened up on the bus on the way back. Pretty heavy rain that eased off the nearer I got home, but decided to start lashing down again when it was my stop. Of course, it had stopped completely by the time I reached my front door.


Saturday Morning

First Saturday in August, and although it has been raining most of this week it is nice and sunny outside. A stark contrast to the dampness most of this week, although, this being Scotland, it can rain at a moment’s notice. Just because it’s sunny now doesn’t mean it will be sunny five minutes from now.

I’ve spent most of the morning waking up, then did a few things, one of which involved turning the electric off. A simple rule, if it involves bare wires from the electric make sure the electric is turned off, the switch being off is never enough.

I have no plans for today so it looks like I’m drifting. A few options involving spending money are available and one option involving not spending money is also available.

I think I’ll spend money.