August 2018
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Added WordPress Blog

I have a WordPress blog which I’ve hardly ever used. I signed up for it so I could post comments on other blogs. That has become redundant as I used Blogger and Google reader more and more, and I haven’t touched the WordPress blog since around January this year (2009). Today I remembered it and added it to Windows Live Writer, so I can post to four blogs at the click of a mouse instead of three.

Interzone 225 arrived today, which is  a bit of a surprise seeing as I tend to not receive as many as I do get. I also donated some money to Wheatus and as it was over $25 I got a limited edition signed DVD (limited to 500 copies) and other goodies from them. It was pretty cool stuff, their new music is pretty good and I would encourage anyone to go over to their site and check them out. They are most famous for the hit Teenage Dirtbag. You can download their songs for free if you feel so inclined but even a token donation would be a good exchange for the songs. The really good thing about it all was that everything came from the hands of the band themselves. No middlemen at all.

An E. Hoffman Price novel arrived also today. I’ve never read any of his fiction and always wanted to get my hands on his stuff to check it out. I first read his writings in Skull Face Omnibus by Robert E Howard, where he gave his memories of meeting Howard. His personality came across well in that short piece and I was always on the look out for his books but very little seemed to come up at reasonable prices. So I’ve got another novel to put on the tower of Babel of books that I have to read.

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  • Andy says:

    “Interzone 225 arrived today, which is a bit of a surprise seeing as I tend to not receive as many as I do get.”

    Please let me know if you’re missing issues from your subscription, I will gladly resend and try to fix the problem. Thanks. 🙂

    — Andy

  • admin says:

    Might have been a slight bit of artistic license there about the quantity of issues not received Andy. I have contacted you before about missing issues (and complained to the Post Office) and you have kindly sent replacements. On my next renewal I’ll decide if I want to get paper or digital versions of the magazine. Great work on the mags by the way.

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