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November 26th, 2011 at 2:10 pm

Quick Update

in: Misc

No much going on recently, hence the lack of any posts. More keys are not working on my main laptop, which means it is getting unusable as the keys that have no gone are letters. I’m now uninstalling as much software from the computer as I can while I can. Loosing letters makes it far more difficult to use the computer. However, if I can use a USB mouse there’s no reason I can’t use a USB keyboard, and hence extend the life of the laptop. It’ something to look into.

I’ve bought a lot of books recently, including tomes from Rhys Hughes and Neal Asher(direct and signed by the author!) so I have a lot to read through. There have also been books bought in shops as I used up most of my points on my Waterstone’s card. Since they dropped the 3 for 2 it’s hardly worth browsing let alone buying. It’s a sad day when newsagents give better deals than dedicated bookshops.



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