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April 26th, 2008 at 12:03 pm

Touch of Death

With the new release of Antics I have been spurred on to make a new movie with it.

I actually ‘started’ work on it on the 17th.

In total I’ve spent about four hours on it and I have 90 seconds of footage which compromises the opening shot.

I spent about ten minutes making a cabin in Sketchup, minus the door, and imported it into Antics. It was during this that I noticed the texture anomaly; luckily exploding the object (an old fashioned stove) solved this.

In Antics I imported the Sketchup file, created two rooms and put in a door. There was a small gap at the top but placing a textured cube over this sorted it out.

Work in progress

I’ve asked for the Antics logo to be released so it can be used as a DOG (Digital onscreen graphic, like the logos for tv stations) and the one I used above was just a screen shot that was edited.

The plan is to get all the scenes together then compile the movie.

I can see a few problems but they shouldn’t be unsurmountable.

It’s supposed to be set at night, so the lighting on the whole thing will have to be carefully processed.



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