postheadericon Bosh Theme

Having invested some money in Artisteer I thought I should use it to create a theme for the Bob Shaw blog. While it can produce a theme from point and click only I decided to invest some time in creating some specific graphics. It’s amazing what you can do in Paint Shop Pro 5 when you have to – boy is that an awkward program to use. I got it free from PC Plus years ago. It may be awkward but it is streets ahead of the Gimp in usability; miles behind Photoshop though.

I have completed version one of the theme and uploaded it to the site and activated the theme for use in the blog. It has been tested in Firefox (my main browser) Internet Explorer (my avoid at all costs browser) and Opera (my try it out and see what it’s like browser), and it looks quite good in all of them.

No doubt I’ll tinker with it – update or change the theme – as I explore Artisteer more and more over the coming weeks.

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