postheadericon A Few Trinkets From Ebay

Pretty much nothin’ doin’ in the purchase of Bob Shaw items over the last few months slash years. That is until I signed up for ebay again.

Bob Shaw is one of the authors I search for on sites that are selling, and it nearly always comes up with books I’ve already got, even editions I already own.

Ebay is one of the sites that can bring up surprises. And recently a couple of items appeared that were too tempting, so I bought them.

The first is DRILKJIS Number Three from August 1978.

It contains nothing I don’t have, An Investigation Into Astrology, which will be in one of the chap books I own. But the interesting thing is the list of the contributors; what a line up! Jointly edited by Dave Langford too.

And it only cost a fiver.

The second item was a little over a tenner, of similar vein, and goes all the way back to 1964, when I was in nappies.

Oddly enough, The Scarr from January 1964 is also issue number Three – how’s that for synchronicity?

I’m not sure if I have the article in this issue elsewhere. I will have to check. It does sort of ring a bell so I’m guessing I have it or have read it. The article in this little beut is A Funny Thing Happened To Me On My Way To The Typewriter.

Perhaps the best to last and for only a couple of quid, to round things off I bought a copy of Interzone with a Bob Shaw story in it. The Issue is from January 1991, Issue 4THREE and the story therein is  Incident on a Summer Morning, which will be a brand new story to me, so I intend to savor it, as it hasn’t to my knowledge been in any of his published collections of short stories. The issue was bought blind and only mentioned Bob Shaw, not the story, so a nice little surprise there.

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