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I went on a little Bob Shaw splurge recently, buying paperbacks, CDs and a chap book. The latter is yet to arrive but the paperbacks I bought have arrived. Coincidentally they bring my collection of Bob Shaw books to 60.

The paperbacks are the UK Granada editions of Orbitsville and Orbitsville Departure. Orbitsville Judgement appears to be very rare and very expensive for the UK paperback. It wasn’t published by Granada but by Orbit. Maybe one day I’ll pick up a cheap copy.



I still have to get some things; a paperback of Night Walk for a start. I only have that in hardback. I’m pretty sure there is a hard back version of Galactic Tours, and I’m pretty sure that is also expensive. On top of those two there are a couple of chap books and the various stories not in anthologies but in magazines.

Still plenty of life in the chase yet.

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