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So, something else bought from Ebay arrived. A double CD containing eight science fictions stories, read by Colin Baker, Dennis Waterman, Peter Barkworth, Martin Jarvis, Anton Rogers, Rula Lenska, Martin Kemp and Jon Pertwee.

Eight Short Sci-Fi Stories; ‘8 complete stories of alien encounters on 2 CDs.’ Published and released by Prism Leisure Corp PLC in 2004.

Of the eight stories five are by Bob Shaw; a pretty impressive amount.

On CD One the first of Shaw’s stories is Telemart Three read by Rula Lenska is from the short story collection Tomorrow Lies in Ambush, originally published in the March 1970 issue of Worlds of If. Dennis Waterman reads In The Hereafter Hilton, originally published in Omni magazine, September 1980 and collected in A Better Mantrap, the first Bob Shaw book I bought.

CD Two kicks off with Light of Other Days, the Slow Glass story which is perhaps Shaw’s most famous piece. The story was first published in 1966, in the August issue of Analog Science Fiction. It has been widely reprinted in many anthologies and of course is part of the novel Light of Other Days, Other Eyes from 1972. It is read here by Anton Rogers.

Dream Fighter is read by Martin Kemp and the story saw first publication in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, in February 1977. It was reprinted in A Better Mantrap.

The last story on CD two is The Silent Partners (although the CD misses out ‘the’) and this comes from Nebula way back in 1959. It is also part of the Cosmic Kaleidoscope short story collection released in 1976. This story is read by Martin Jarvis.

The CD was released in 2004 but I’m guessing it includes earlier recordings, seeing as Jon Pertwee reads the story A Glitch in Time by Paul Finch, and Pertwee died in 1996. The other stories fleshing out this anthology are Arrival, by John Charters, read by Colin Baker, plus Nightmare, also by John Charters and read by Peter Barkworth.

At the time of writing I haven’t listened to any of the stories.



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