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Ok, so I haven’t posted here for ages. This is due to a variety of reasons. I have been continuing to buy Bob Shaw books but they have mainly been paperback editions, cheap copies that appear on Ebay or Amazon.

So, with the site moving to a new  host which involved me having to get my hands dirty due to a database error, I thought I would look hard at continuing to post here.

However, there was nothing really to post about. Until last week, when I saw an uncorrected proof of The Wooden Spaceships appear on Ebay. It was a reasonable price so I bought it. Today it arrived, and a mighty fine piece it is too.

Perhaps for review, perhaps just advanced reading for some lucky fan. This paperback arrived with a compliments slip from Gollancz and with a dust jacket. The dust jacket gives an approximate price but the book and compliment slip give a confirmed price.

And all this from back in the Net Price days.

The dust jacket



The compliment slip



And the book itself


Excellent value for under £15, seeing as I have paid, if memory serves me right, a maximum of around £50 for Bob’s hardback books, albeit signed.

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