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Bit of a play on words there as there is also a famous baseball player named Bob Shaw in addition to the famous Science Fiction writer.

SF writers have their hits and their misses when it comes to predicting the future – and technology – and some are more successful than others; some are wonderfully unsuccessful.

We don’t have jet packs yet so Bob Shaw can’t point to Vertigo and say I told you so (I know he has passed on but I’m sure he’s somewhere, drinking Guinness and pointing) but this, about scientists working on real slow glass, kindly forwarded to me by Bill Burns, shows that the ‘boffins’ are catching up with some of our finest Science Fiction writers.

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  • Cool,,real slow glass eh! Must get that story to read!
    BTW, give the Chrons a chance,its a fabulous place-they’ve just had to be really tight with security of late.

  • admin:

    Thanks for commenting Larry. I will give it a few more chances, but it’s not just the forums – though they’re not making it easy – but the whole site. It does seem to be a little static and not enough new content to bring me back (I did look around a little before opening my big mouth). Re spam: I am a member of a forum where they had a lot of spam, they just introduced a password to read the forums: spam dead.

  • Well, I’m a member of two other SF forums, which is very slow, and which is too concerned with pushing that magazine-I prefer Deathray personally 😉
    Oh and which is also pretty quiet!
    The Chrons is always full of life though with seperate sections for each author for people to comment on-if an author, say Bob Shaw, gets enough attention he gets his own fora!

    BTW are you familiar with Its a feee book swap site-I’ve had loads of SF paperbacks from there that I wouldnt have been able to find otherwise!

  • admin:

    Thanks for the link. Hadn’t heard of bookmooch but I will try it out. I’ve tried out for books now and then – sadly they aren’t free – and some interesting books turn up there. I mostly use AbeBooks and

    The only magazine I get is Interzone. I’ve tried the others – used to get SFX quite a bit – but the tone of the magazines for sale in shops is a little off putting; I always feel like I’m buying a kid’s magazine.

    I will keep visiting the chorn when I get time, it’s not totally blacklisted yet (I don’t visit sf crowsnest any more because I found some of their reporting to be questionable and unreliable).

  • Ah now I’ve only visited the crows nest once, keep forgetting about it!
    Funnily most of the books listed on my blog are ones I got from bookmooch! I also use but it has a diferent policy, and has less traffic-the only advantage of bookhopper is its specific to your country.

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