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Did a Google search for Bob Shaw today, as I do now and then to see if anything new about him is on the Internet, and came across this nice little piece from his native Northern Ireland. It’s relatively new, December 2009.

Odd that the names that come up when I start typing in Bob Shaw include the Pipe maker Bob Sheppard. He was my maths teacher at high school – the other one was his brother George. They were both involved in the school pipe band – who were world champions I think – and the little less local Dysart and Dundonald Pipe Band, who I’m sure were world champions.

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  • Yea I saw this on your other blog-it was good to see! BTW did you notice the spammer on said other blog?

  • admin:

    Thanks for that Larry, will rush over and check. I prefer not to turn on that type in a word thingy (coz I’m too lazy and don’t always log into all my sites every day) but it looks like I may have to. WordPress is good in that it automatically blocks these sorts of comments while letting real ones through.

  • Oh i dont mind typing in the security word, if it keeps out those damn spammers!

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