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In the door just after the Gollancz edition of A Better Mantrap comes the Gollancz hardback of one of Bob Shaw’s early novels, The Two Timers.

Again the book is in great condition, pretty good considering this is from 1969 – and was sold for 25 /-. It may be gobbledygook to most people nowadays and is fairly alien to me as I grew up just as decimilisation was coming in so I don’t really know ‘old money’, but I do know it means twenty five shillings (I hope that’s what it means).

I wasn’t taught pounds shillings and pence but pounds and pence and that’s what I can’t count in. I’ve a mind to read this novel again and I might just.

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  • Nice! That looks like my copy of Fritz Leiber’s A Spectre is Haunting Texas. Mine’s a UK first edition so I woulds thinjk it would be worth something. I’d gladly sell it if it was worth it as I cant read it!

  • admin:

    I think Gollancz had definite phases for the cover design of their books. I don’t think they do the yellow covers any more. Gollancz are now an imprint of some other publisher if I remember correctly, they might not even do hardbacks any more.

  • I must admit I prefer a book with a nice cover painting- a bit of Bruce Pennington or Chris Foss!

  • Ha, I just noticed the (T) there!!

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