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Mike Moir kindly commented on the previous blog entry Killer Planet, and provided some excellent information that gives a little more personal depth to the book in particular and Bob Shaw in general.

‘You might like to know that Killer planet was originally commissioned as an intro to a game! Sadly that never happened – eventually Bob decided to rework it as a ’short’ Juvie,’ adding ‘Many of the names in the story are people who used to meet with Bob in Warrington at the local SF group in the early Eighties.’

‘The Gemmel drive was named after Ron Gemmel.’ Mike himself also had his name taken – slightly in vain – when it was used as the surname of the main female character. ‘Bob knew I’d be a little miffed (yet strangely honoured) as one of the opening lines of the book was ‘Grown ups! Listen to old Granny Moir’ (p5),’ Mike said.

It may be a good solid piece of work from Bob but perhaps it was issued partially to help pay the bills: ‘Bob, was struggling a little financially at this time – Luckily it would change a little bit with the Ragged Astronauts -but alas he was never very rich and could not afford to let something like this ‘Game into’ languish un published.’

Bob also dedicated his non fiction book, How To Write Science Fiction to Mike and his wife Debby, ‘after (Mike) helping him a bit with the book (just checking facts -nothing clever) he did my wife and I the great honour of dedication it to us -Mike and Debby.’

And lucky Mike has a full Gollancz collection of Bob’s books.

‘I still miss him’ Mike states.

Everyone who has said they knew Bob Shaw always has something good to say about him. Nothing has been negative. Bob Shaw was not only one of the best writers to come from the UK but also one of the most loved.

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