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The About page got a heavy whack of spam over the past couple days – one even managed to sneak into the pending category and wasn’t marked as spam. I’ve just deleted over 150 spam messages. Thank god for Askimet; it caught them and held them until I signed in. Which I don’t normally do for my blogs seeing as I use Windows Live Writer to post blog entries. But every now and then I log into the blogs to take a closer look at the stats and other stuff. I didn’t notice a corresponding spike in web hits so god knows where all the spammers came from.

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  • Oh man, bad news! Now whats Askimet??

  • admin:

    Hi there Larry, Askimet is a plugin for WordPress that stops spam, or suspicious looking comments. It keeps them off the blog until they are approved or deleted. Some of the spam is pretty innocuous looking, with plausible comments but links to porn and drug sites – not that I checked! – so it’s a pretty handy tool to have.

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