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Before I went on this recent spree I had thirty of Shaw’s books. A mixture of hardback and paperback but bought mainly to read the contents and a more or less a complete collection of Shaw’s works. I was aware of some of the more obscure items, but never really considered buying them until recently. Thank God for the internet.

With the arrival of another signed edition (Medusa’s Children) the number I need to get to complete my collection of Bob Shaw hardbacks now stands at 10. SF Book club editions don’t count.

I know I’m going to have a hard time getting some of them. A Better Mantrap is very rare apparently – the old short story thing. Publishers are always saying they can’t sell books of short stories – even though science fiction is more or less built on short stories – and hence when they do publish them they will print less than a novel, so less copies out there to start with. And the older ones will be nigh on impossible to get in first editions if at all. Shaw’s books from the sixties and early seventies in particular. One I saw online was going for about four hundred pounds. I may have to settle for reprints if they are available. I think the only hardback I have which is a reprint is his first novel Night Walk.

I also received a copy of Anticipations, an anthology editied by Chrisopher Priest. He of that magicians film fame, although I always felt The Glamour would make a much better film. I have a few Christopher Priest books kicking around, mainly paperbacks. This collection is signed by Christopher Priest and a few of the authors, including Bob Shaw and the recently deceased J.G. Ballard.

The story itself is Amphitheater, later collected in A Better Mantrap.

Bob Shaw signature from Anticipations, edited by Christopher Priest

Bob Shaw signature from Anticipations, edited by Christopher Priest

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