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I have received the new edition (or the latest edition; it’s actually dated 1993) of the bibliography of Bob Shaw’s works. Quite interesting reading it is too. It is a nicely printed booklet. This and others are available from Phil Stephensen-Payne at Galactic Central. I already have an ancient copy of this bibliography, from the eighties, which is a massive four printed pages. The new one is close to forty.

Cover of new bibliography of Bob Shaw

Cover of new bibliography of Bob Shaw

I’ve had a quick look through it and will have to go through it in detail later on but a couple of things jumped out. I note that I’ll need to get a US edition of Cosmic Kaleidoscope as that edition has a different story line up to the UK edition. I’m not sure if I’m going to chase a hardback copy or a paperback copy. Ditto the US edition of Tomorrow Lies in Ambush as the Ace edition adds two stories.

Another useful fact in this bibliography is that I’m informed Bob Shaw had some work on radio and TV. He created a drama with Bryan Talbot for Granada TV – wonder if I could find it on YouTube? – and was interviewed on Radio 4 as well as Who Goes Here being dramatised for Radio in 1991.

The bibliography also mentions The Light of Other Days being adapted to comics and that rang a bell. I’m sure I have a comic somewhere where the main character introduces stories via slow glass. I was browsing through comics (somewhere) and I’m sure the only reason I bought the (unknown to me) comic was that Bob Shaw and his works were therein.

There was also a Bob Shaw edition of Interzone. I subscribe to that now – I used to pick up the odd copy here and there – and may contact them to see if any copies are available, although I doubt it.

Front page of the old edition of the bibliography

Front page of the old edition of the bibliography

Slight difference of opinion on the second edition dates:

Copyright notice for old and new bibliography

Copyright notice for old and new bibliography

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  • Steve Green:

    The comic you’re referring to is Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction, published in the mid-1970s by Marvel. The first issue adapted “Light of Other Days”; later issues used Slow Glass as a framing device for the stories (many of which were adapted from existing fiction). Bob wrote a lengthy article on Slow Glass towards the end of its run, which was reprinted shortly after his death in Critical Wave #44/45 (a double-size issue dedicated to Bob).

  • admin:

    Thanks Steve. The magazine is in a cupboard somewhere in the house. This saves me opening a door and having a ton of stuff fall on me!

    I’ll need to search online see if there are any issues of Critical Wave available.

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  • Thanks for creating a really informative site. It’s more than most people do! The Bob Shaw Bibliography was very helpful indeed. Jeremy.

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