Archive for May 21st, 2009

postheadericon Change of theme

I changed the WordPress theme for this blog.

The first theme, Inanis Glass, while excellent, was a bit on the slow side – the theme creator even mentions that. It was used in the main because of the ability to put a picture on the blog; and I used a picture that is available on a few of the Gollancz hardbacks.

I’ve hacked a little into the current theme, and replaced pictures of sunny paradise like locations with Shaw’s mug. I’m sure he would appreciate that (although the theme creator might not). This theme will stay until I can find a new one. Maybe I will revert to the old one, maybe stick with this one.

EDIT: Changed the images at the top right hand corner. Now instead of just Bob Shaw you get Bob Shaw and some images of his books. The theme has about eight separate images, originally peaceful settings. I have changed these to include scanned in cover images of Shaw books I have. For some variety.

EDIT AGAIN: I think I’m going to stick with this theme for the foreseeable future.