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postheadericon Windows Live Writer Working OK

And publishing to the three blogs is only a matter of a few clicks. There doesn’t seem to be an option to publish to all blogs with one click but I live in hope. One click is better than half a dozen but it is a nifty and neat program.

Quite odd too that I haven’t heard about it before. I have Office 2007 on my computer and Windows Live was installed a part of it. Windows Live comes with several components but I chose only to install Windows Live Writer.

Blogger is ok but it’s not as clean and simple as WordPress. I suppose it doesn’t really matter now as the plan is to use Windows Live Writer for all blogging. Write once publish thrice.

Windows Live Writer is pretty nifty. It was a 14MB download after install. I signed in using the hotmail account I have but have never used and so people can follow me on Hotmail/MSN too.

I didn’t get it to work with MySpace and didn’t try Facebook.

I’ll have to look closer at images as the only one I use images on is the Bob Shaw blog, and those are scanned in and placed in a directory online then referenced in using WordPress: that is a very good and easy to use feature in WordPress. One I like a lot.

postheadericon First Post on blogger

I’ve installed Windows Live Writer on my computer and hope to use that to post the same blog post to a few blogs. Here’s hoping the boobs keep pointing downward!

Had to turn on XML-RPC services here on in the boshblog before it worked.

postheadericon Martians Among Us! Panic! Panic!

Shock Horror! Martians walk among us and Bob Shaw is responsible!

Proof of an alien conspiracy to take over SF!

Image Courtesy of Dave Langford

Image Courtesy of Dave Langford

This certificate, kindly forwarded on by Dave Langford, shows another side to the humour of Bob Shaw, always inventive and unique.

postheadericon Speech! Speech!

Something Bob Shaw did quote a lot at conventions was giving humorous speeches. These were very well received and much liked. Indeed recently there was homage to Bob Shaw with James Bacon giving an impression of Shaw in a speech.

His speeches were collected together in several books and booklets. I own two of these, Load of Old Bosh (Beccon Publications, 1995) and Messages Found In An Oxygen Bottle (Nesfa, 1986). There are also Eastercon Speeches and Serious Science. (The Best of The Bushel is reprints from his column from the fanzine Hyphen.) I’ll give specific posts about the ones I have later on.

Image Courtesy of Dave Langford

Image Courtesy of Dave Langford

The speeches themselves were cleverly constructed, full of puns and jokes and covered all sorts of subjects, from TV shows to astrology to reminiscences of Fireworks nights and events therein. A couple include ‘that great German – Irish writer, scholar and scientific researcher – Von Donegan!’

I think the speeches shows more of Shaw’s character and personality than his fiction. Although they were thought out and constructed as speeches to be given to an audience, verbally, I think he allowed more of himself to slip into them.

Image Courtesy of Dave Langford

Image Courtesy of Dave Langford

I didn’t have the pleasure of hearing him read out any of the speeches but I do note from Load Of Old Bosh that tapes for transcription were provided by John & Eve Harvey and Gytha North. So somewhere in the world Bob Shaw still speaks.

postheadericon Links Update

The good news is there is more and more about Bob Shaw online coming to (my) attention. Dave Langford over at Ansible was kind enough to provide a link to an interview with Bob Shaw from 1976 so I’ll do an update. Thanks for this link Dave.

Firstly the (very informative) interview; you need a user name and password but everything is explained on the page itself.

Bob Shaw Interview at Ansible


Ansible obituary and remembrance of Bob Shaw


Piece on Bob shaw by someone who knew him. or read the more updated site here.

Steve Green has also provided the following link to a PDF file.


Wikipedia entry for Bob Shaw


Light Of Other Days, Slow Glass story




Obituary at The Independent


Obituary by Chris Priest