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postheadericon Windows Live Writer Working OK

And publishing to the three blogs is only a matter of a few clicks. There doesn’t seem to be an option to publish to all blogs with one click but I live in hope. One click is better than half a dozen but it is a nifty and neat program.

Quite odd too that I haven’t heard about it before. I have Office 2007 on my computer and Windows Live was installed a part of it. Windows Live comes with several components but I chose only to install Windows Live Writer.

Blogger is ok but it’s not as clean and simple as WordPress. I suppose it doesn’t really matter now as the plan is to use Windows Live Writer for all blogging. Write once publish thrice.

Windows Live Writer is pretty nifty. It was a 14MB download after install. I signed in using the hotmail account I have but have never used and so people can follow me on Hotmail/MSN too.

I didn’t get it to work with MySpace and didn’t try Facebook.

I’ll have to look closer at images as the only one I use images on is the Bob Shaw blog, and those are scanned in and placed in a directory online then referenced in using WordPress: that is a very good and easy to use feature in WordPress. One I like a lot.

postheadericon First Post on blogger

I’ve installed Windows Live Writer on my computer and hope to use that to post the same blog post to a few blogs. Here’s hoping the boobs keep pointing downward!

Had to turn on XML-RPC services here on in the boshblog before it worked.