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postheadericon Ebay bit

Great, I won Galactic Tours by Bob Shaw, illustrated by David Hardy, for only £2.99 on eBay. It’s been £10 and upward any time I’ve searched for it online. I had set a maximum bid of £9.99 for it and it turned out I was the only bidder. Max bids on eBay are quite helpful. It sets a limit.

I’ve yet to receive it so we’ll see what condition it’s in when it arrives. I haven’t read it at all so this will be a new book for me. I’ve got more bids on other Bob Shaw books and I’m considering a few others. I’m a bit behind in posts here, but I don’t want to post too much too soon: Bob Shaw did only write a finite amount and I doubt if there are any new works to be released. So there is only a set amount of his works that I can blog about.