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Wurd, although I think I got the first letter wrong, is acting up again. Honestly I don’t know why I bother with it. I have Office 2007 on one laptop and Office 2007 but retaining Word 2002 on my other laptop. I use this program for drafting my blogs about Bob Shaw. I’ve got three or four pieces in progress; various unorganised thoughts and jottings for each book. I tinker with them on a regular basis until one is ready for putting online. Today I go to open one of them and it causes Word to crash; thereafter the file is unreadable by Word. The others turn out to be the same so I have to start them all over again. I’ve had this problem before with Word but it seems to be more prevalent in Word 2002. Not that versions matter as Word 2007 wont open the files either. I can’t remember word for word what is in the documents but I do know Ship of Strangers was almost finished. Now I have to start them all over again: there is something to be said for typewriters.

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