postheadericon Another Hardback To Add To My Bob Shaw Collection

I got the hardback edition of Tomorrow Lies in Ambush by Bob Shaw today. The package was littered with stamps – well over twenty. There was very little room for anything else.  And they weren’t small UK sized stamps either, they were big stamps. In fact you could call it a herd of Elephants as that was the animal that was on most of the stamps. I wasn’t expecting it for another two weeks or so. When I ordered it there was a note saying delivery would be between forty and fifty days. In the end it took around thirty. Excluding postage it was one of the more cheaper hardbacks by Bob Shaw I’ve bought; a good bargain considering it’s from 1973, is rare and sells for three figures in the UK.

It actually arrived on Saturday but I missed the post and yesterday was some sort of Holiday. (I think.) There was no post delivery but there were collections; I don’t know if the Post Offices were closed or not as I didn’t go near any. All other shops and businesses were as normal. Well most. The book is in great condition and I may refresh my memory by going through a few stories. My paperback edition of this, bought years and years ago, is signed by Bob Shaw.

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