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postheadericon Hardback Collection

The hardback collection is coming along nicely. I’m waiting for this month’s credit card bill to arrive and – ouch – be paid before I start looking to buy further books to get toward completing my hard back collection of Bob Shaw’s work.

There are only a few to get now (I must have miscounted in the previous post):

The Palace Of Eternity – one of Bob Shaw’s really early novels. Any copies of this one that have turned up in searches tend to be quite expensive.

1 Million Tomorrows – An early novel and hardly showing on book searches in hardback edition from Gollancz.

The Two Timers – another early novel. Very few copies seem to be coming up for this book and it is quite expensive when it does appear. I have this in SF Book Club hardback.

Tomorrow Lies In Ambush – short story collection, expensive in the UK but reasonable price outside the UK. 

The Ceres Solution – great novel from the early eighties. Quite a surprise that there aren’t more copies of this available. The only ones I’ve come across in book searches seem to be SF Book Club editions.

A Better Mantrap -  short story collection and very tricky to get. A few ex-library editions kicking about but I’m not going to bite for ex-library. And they are being sold at quite high prices.

Galactic Tours – this one seems to be appearing more regularly at reasonable prices.

It seems the two hardest of Bob Shaw’s books to get in hard back are among the first two I bought; A Better Mantrap and The Ceres Solution. Coincidentally, to date, the cheapest book I’ve bought and the most expensive book I’ve bought turn out to be one and the same: Other Days, Other Eyes. The SF Book Club edition of that one was free as I got a full refund; it was advertised as the Gollancz edition. The Gollancz edition was bought from a shop in the Book town in the Borders of Scotland (can’t remember the name of the town) over the internet a short time later.

There is also the fact that I have several of his works in hardback only. If I can find cheap enough editions I may get paperback copies of those works to complete my paperback collection.

Once the hardbacks (and perhaps paperbacks) are completed there’s the daunting task of collecting the short stories not anthologised: which means dozens of magazines.