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There are a couple of posts to put through their final paces before putting online but first: –

I use a spreadsheet to track my Bob Shaw books and I find myself adding more columns to get additional details into it practically every time I open the file up. As I have the Home and Student version of Office 2007 I don’t have the Microsoft database program Access. Microsoft Works comes with a database but it is a flat file one; and little better than an Excel spreadsheet.

It was initially set up to ensure I didn’t buy duplicates of books I already had – and that worked well! – but I’ve added additional details and columns on whim.

The purpose of my spending money is to complete my collection of Bob Shaw books in Gollancz hardback so there are the usual headings of Title, Publisher, ISBN plus Year and I’ve also added copyright year, a counter and ‘SC’ to show weather I’ve scanned the cover into the computer (the capital P in the Wingdings font which is a nice tick). The publisher column has all Gollancz books with a yellow background and bold type for hardback.

There’s a column for format, hard back or paperback, and one for edition: so far I only have two second edition books, the Gollancz hardback of Orbitsville and the NEL edition of Shadow of Heaven, all the others are first editions. I have six signed copies, two signed paperbacks and four signed hardbacks. I’ve bought fifteen Shaw books ‘New’, that is when they came out or from bookshop shelves. The rest have been bought second hand (there’s a column for that too).

There’s a price comparison, the price on the book and the price I paid. Second hand prices from the eighties and nineties aren’t put in as my memory isn’t that good.

I’m not sure if I can add more columns to collect more detail but I originally thought I only needed a simple spreadsheet to keep track of the books. Now I have one which is colour coded and needs to have a landscape page setup if I want to print it out.